Spring Fling

On  March 23rd before the holiday P.S. 373R had it’s Spring Fling!

This is annual celebration that takes place every spring. This year we had lots of activities. The whole school attended this event. Two hundred plus kids created their own spring picture frames, decorated their own cupcakes, put together their own holiday treat bags, made bunnies and or chick crafts, and ran relay races outside. There were five stations all together. We had 3 parties so that all 200 plus kids could do all the activities.

Student council Member Javon Boudreau said ” I helped at the party. I helped at the cupcake table  first and then supervised  make your own treat bag station.”

Ryan Duffy, council member said “I also supervised the make your own canbag activity. “I also worked at the picture frame and the craft table.

Jayla Lozada  said she loved the races.

Khalil Martinez liked the party he observed that everyone was really behaving themselves.  Matt Mendez loved creating his own picture frame. Jorge Moreno said he loved doing the make your own Easter Chick craft.

Brand new student council member Brandon Barrows said it was fun he said, ” I really enjoyed making the cupcakes.!

Next up the Carnival May 27th

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Results of 3/10 Meeting

Student Council visited classes to remind them of the Bread of Life Food Drive.PastedGraphic-10PastedGraphic-11

March 17th. The Student Council spent 90 dollars at Peapod to donate to this drive.

We also are planning to Raise Money for Project Hospitality this spring. More to follow.

Finalized our Plans for the Spring Fling to take place March 23rd.

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Student Council Meeting 3/10


  1. Spring Fling Whole School Function
  2. Last Meeting we talked about possible  activities
  3. Picture Frame making – Make your own candy basket – The Bunny Hop – Relay races -decorate your own cupcake. Wordfinds/Word Searches


Food Drive 

We have to remind people about the Food Drive

We have to place our own order of food from Stop and Shop.


Fundraiser for Project Hospitality••••••••••••

How can we raise money


Possible Lunch Trip for Student Council


___________________Looking ahead-



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Valentine’s Day at P373R

This year Student council once again ran our annual Valentines’ Day Dance.PastedGraphic-8

Over 70 kids earned level three for three consecutive weeks to attend this P.O.C event. Student council planned this event, made candy bags and helped clean up after the dance.FullSizeRender

Above Ashely and Ms. Allysa enjoy the dance.

In addition student council made over 150 valentines for our staff members.


Below Student council members make candy bags for the dance.  FullSizeRender

The dance was a great success. Next Comes our  annual Spring Fling.

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Student Council Celebrates the Souperbowl

PastedGraphic-6To celebrate the Superbowl this year Student council ran a food collection intiative in honor of the day. We collected over one hundred cans of soup which was donated to Good Council. People wore their Jersey’ and we were able to turn the celebration into a chance to give back to our community which is always are goal


Pictured above Cecret, Ryan and Javon collecting cans from the classes.

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Welcome to our 5th Year of Student Council and our new blog!

Student council application

Welcome to our fitfh year of Student Council at P.S.373R. Last year we did some wonderful things, raised money for Project Hospitality, ran two successful food drives, raised money for  the carnival, help create a yearbook for the seniors and ran senior day .

Most of our student council members graduated and we will be considering new members in the coming weeks.

At this blog the entire 373R community get the latest news on what activities our student council is involved in. Leave suggestions for the Student Council and get answers to questions.

Last Year our Student Council Pledge was:

I promise to serve my school to the best of my ability. I pledge to work hard and dedicate my self to P.S.373R. I understand that being part of Student Council is a privilege, and a responsibility. I realize being part of Student Council may mean I must make personal sacrifices I promise to dedicate myself to P. S.373R’s   Student Council to  the very  best of my ability.

The new student council will change this pledge if they like.  I am excited to get started working with all of you on making sure we have a great 2015-2016 school year. You can download a pdf of the Student Application above it is due by September 23rd.


Ms. Broderick

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