Student Council Business

Door Contest has to be judged on Monday and Tuesday  December 17th and 18th

Criterial are as follows.

Overall creativity is it an interesting idea, does it have a theme. Did the artists use the materials in a creative way.


Originality is it  an original idea, is the door unique and or different



Aesthetics is the door beautiful and  pretty to look at.

Most important does it show that students made it, in terms of idea and creation.


Student Council Made 80 Reverse Trick or Treat Bags

Hello Mini-Building Student Council.

We loved meeting with you guys.  We were able to get a lot done planning our November trip, and getting ready for Halloween. Now that we have the bags made you can deliver them to your building on  Halloween Morning. Just say reverse Trick or treat and bring all the classes a surprise.

What we did.

First, we assembled what would we need to make the bags. 

Then we got to work making 80 treat bags.


Here are some photos from Friday.

We had a great time doing this. After all the hard work we finished with a snack.