Student Council Made 80 Reverse Trick or Treat Bags

Hello Mini-Buidling Student Council.

We loved meeting with you guys.  We were able to get a lot done planning our November trip and getting ready for Halloween. Now that we have the bags made you can deliver them to your building on  Halloween Morning.

What we did.

First, we assembled what would we would need to make the bags. 

Then we got to work making 80 treat bags.


Here are some photos from Friday.

We had a great time doing this. After all the hard work we finished with a snack.




hi    boys     and    giris this    is      ms.      michelle      class     we     want to let .you know that there is no more summer. we  are so xcited to go pumpkin picking  hope we see you there



Halloween Party Announced!

October 31st on Halloween Day.

You have to earn it to attend

9/28 through 10/26 you must earn  two Level 3’s and two level 2’s

All student participation is subject to administrative approval.

Dancing – Cupcakes –  Party bags

Come and Dance the Day away!

Costumes can be worn to the party.

We Need Donations by October 20th 

iced cupcakes  ( that day)

2 Costco Halloween  cakes (that day)

Candy,  ( large bags)

Juice boxes


15 plastic Orange and 15 black 54 in. Tablecloths

Halloween treat bags 

Welcome Ms. Michelle’s class to Student Council

leadersHi we are very Happy to invite your Class to take part in Student Council.

We heard you have been reading about being a leader, Student Council is all about being leaders. Student Council leads the school.

Together with some of the kids in the main building, we will lead our school.

The first idea of Student Council is to help other people.  We will be having our first meeting on Friday. We will talk more about what it means to be on Student Council. Perhaps you can do something for us today and get the names of the students who are the student of the week in the classes in the back building.  Tomorrow their names will be announced on the loudspeaker. See you tomorrow,

From Ms. Broderick